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  • كويزتي: مسابقات ثقافية وجوائز قيمة!
  • كويزتي: مسابقات ثقافية وجوائز قيمة!
  • كويزتي: مسابقات ثقافية وجوائز قيمة!
  • كويزتي: مسابقات ثقافية وجوائز قيمة!
  • كويزتي: مسابقات ثقافية وجوائز قيمة!
  • كويزتي: مسابقات ثقافية وجوائز قيمة!
  • كويزتي: مسابقات ثقافية وجوائز قيمة!
  • كويزتي: مسابقات ثقافية وجوائز قيمة!
  • كويزتي: مسابقات ثقافية وجوائز قيمة!
  • كويزتي: مسابقات ثقافية وجوائز قيمة!
Description of كويزتي: مسابقات ثقافية وجوائز قيمة!

Welcome to the most powerful intelligence challenge game... Quizty!

It is a fun and family-friendly cultural game, suitable for all ages, and includes many competitions in various fields. The contestant must answer the largest number of questions from each contest to win rewards that entitle him to win valuable prizes and top the list of contestants.

The questions in the competitions vary: cultural questions, scientific questions, questions that require intuitive speed, some of them require knowledge in a specific field, and some of them include various images and slogans, and there are also Islamic competitions, intelligence games, word games, arithmetic games and puzzles.

This set of questions and answers and cultural games represents a scientific and cultural encyclopedia and the competitions in the game Questi are divided into sections:
🔥 Geography competitions (include: geographical questions about rivers, seas and borders, local production...)
🔥 Arabic language competitions (includes: parsing questions, poetic questions,
grammar questions, meanings of strange vocabulary...) 🔥 Puzzles (includes: mysterious questions, arithmetic games, intelligence games,
riddles ...) 🔥 History competitions (includes: pictures of archaeological landmarks , questions about dates, civilizations...)
🔥 Art competitions (includes: questions about movies, series, artists, famous photos...)
🔥 Logos and pictures (includes: logo games, various pictures, logos of famous companies...)
🔥 Islamic competitions (includes: Islamic competitions, questions about the history of the Prophet, peace be upon him and his companions, Islamic history...)
🔥 Science competitions (includes: scientific questions, questions about inventors...)
🔥 Various competitions (including: cultural questions in various fields...)

Ensure that you stay on the leaderboard by earning more points: by
continuing to win competitions and earn points to be on the leaderboard. There is a weekly leaderboard and a general leaderboard in quisti. At the end of each week, the winners' names are entered into the previous week's winners list.

When you enter the game daily and win many competitions and collect more points, you will get a chance to enter the honor list that includes very, very distinguished players.

Facing difficult questions using the available aids:
Questy has four types of aids:
Question Switch: The question is swapped with another question.
Deleting two answers: It involves deleting two out of three wrong answers.
Skip Question: The question is answered automatically.
Friend question: A picture of the question is taken and can be shared via social media.

And you will get some of the aids for free with the possibility of getting more by buying them with quiz gems.

You can get quizite jewels for free upon daily access to the application or when watching a daily advertisement, and you can also purchase them from the store.

Version history كويزتي: مسابقات ثقافية وجوائز قيمة!
New in Quizti 1.6.11
جديدنا!! تم إضافة ثلاث رابحين يوميا للمسابقة الرمضانية
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